Taking My Own Advice

My last post gave me some inspiration to tackle two things that drive me crazy here at the Button Casa. The kitchen island and next to the microwave.

I cleaned this up a lot before I took a picture of the mess. Usually the fruit basket has a newspaper, bills,  hand cream, a pack of gum or various other odds and ends. I couldn’t show you that. So here is an example what a mess on the kitchen island might look like if you walked into our kitchen.

Frustration number 2 is next to the microwave. We live in a 1,000 sq. ft. rancher style home so every bit of space is used to store something. Or shove something when we don’t know where to put it. Which happens a lot, I’m not gonna lie.

I didn’t edit this picture first. That Indiana Jones movie has been there for at least two weeks waiting for me to donate it to the library. Whenever we have people over I frantically try to find a place to hide this stuff.

The girls and I headed out to Target yesterday to find supplies to organize just these two spots. I’ve been in this position before and have tried to tackle every out of order thing at once. That usually leaves me with closets emptied and piles of things everywhere then I run out of steam and shove it back into the closet. However, once we got to Target  I was totally distracted by aisles and aisles of clearance merchandise! It’s a sickness I tell ‘ya.

The white isle. Crisp, clean and goes with everything.  I had a $25 dollar gift card that I’d gotten for Christmas with me, it was my lucky day. I was tempted by this cake stand but the top was a little crooked and I’ve already given away a slightly crooked cake plate so I passed.

I snagged this napkin holder though. It wasn’t on clearance but I was looking for one because we usually have a pile of napkins sitting on the island. Travis puts them there so we won’t grab a paper towel every time we need a napkin but are too lazy to look under the china cabinet to get one.

Then it was on to stationery. I had something simple and colorful in mind and wasn’t disappointed. It’s Target after all.

All of the grey, black and industrial choices were out. I’m not a fan of grey. I’ll catch the next trend color. Then my little Vanna White helped me find what I was looking for. She totally matches the office supplies…super cute. I could say I planned it but I didn’t. I was actually looking for something in a robin’s egg blue which they didn’t have.

I chose the apple green trey and magazine file for $4.99 each. They’re very cute, functional and budget friendly. I love it when a plan comes together.

I also chose this blue and white bowl, on clearance for $7.98. It was on an end cap in stationery, which seemed like an odd spot for it,  and I had a gift card. Lucky me.

It’s hard to tell how big it is in this picture. It’s serving bowl size and I can’t wait to take a summer salad in it to a party. My mom has the matching coffee mugs, they’re on clearance too, they also have platters and dinner ware all on clearance. If you’ve had your eye on dishes and such at Target you should check to see if it’s on sale because the whole isle had clearance stickers. It’s dangerous I tell ‘ya.


I’ve sort of wanted to be a temporary redhead for quite a while and I found this yesterday that’s good for 28 washes. I have a question though. Will it actually wash out? Halle was very upset because she wants us to continue to have the same hair color. I figure if I hate it then I can just wash my hair 28 times in a day.  Some advice would be helpful…anyone?

Ahem, back to organizing. I get distracted easily. Here’s my plan for the tray. The checkbook, calculator, random mail that Travis might need to see like cable offers and whatnot, coupons we get in the mail and my phone charger that I have a terrible time keeping track of. All neatly in a tray. Now I need a plan for it to stay neatly in the tray. Baby steps, folks.

And the magazine file, I love this thing. One day I’m going to have built in shelves and I’ll have a place for all of the magazine hoarding I do. I love magazines and I hate getting rid of them. For now though it holds bills and mail nicely.

Now that space is neat and uncluttered and it only took a few minutes. I’m so happy to have done this without adding on a room or taking over one of the kid’s bedrooms for office space. So how about you? Do you have any small plans to make your life easier? I’d love to hear them.

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11 thoughts on “Taking My Own Advice

    • Corine, I’m so sorry, your comments got stuck in my spam filter. It’s the first time legitimate comments have ever gotten stuck there…ahhh!

      If you went to Target then you know that nearly everything (at least the one on Columbia) is on clearance. I could go broke shopping clearance, lol. I hope you get everything you need and at least one bargain you can’t live without :)

  1. Perfect! I love magazine files! I use them for so many things besides magazines too – I even made some out of Cheerio’s boxes one time to organize Emma’s artwork. Worked like a charm.

  2. Great Job! Well you already know I love the colors:) Vanna is so adorable! I found a wall hanging at Kirkland’s the other day with the corkboard and fabric squares kinda like the one in your last post. Excited to start using it and it was on clearance too. Woo hoo!

  3. My most recent “little” thing is moving my laptop to the dining room. It’s more comfortable and leaves the counter space in the kitchen for papers the boys bring home from school. I can make a place for them and then go through them as I have time instead of “now or never” as it usually goes. I emptied the bottom draw of my buffet to store away my computer and am more encouraged to use it sparingly instead of constantly which tends to take away the point of being a stay at home mom.

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