I was reading The Tennessean a few days ago and tucked into the real estate section was an article about a local house used in filming the yet to be released film, Stoker, starring Nicole Kidman. I did a little digging and apparently it’s going to be a horror story, which made perfect sense when I saw the house. It also means I won’t be seeing the movie. I’ll just admire the house from a safe distance, thank you.

It’s a lovely Mediterranean style home in the Grassland area of Franklin. Grassland is a lovely little area with homes, a coffee shop, schools and churches. I may have also seen a plant nursery but I’ve only driven through there twice so I can’t be sure. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort of place, surrounded by beautiful hills.

According to the listing on Realtracs.com, the house was built in 2007 (around the same time the housing market took a nose-dive), is 14,000 sq. ft., and is listed at 3,995,000. The article I read said that the house couldn’t even be built for that amount today. So if you have an extra 4 mil. lying around it’s quite the bargain.

Let’s take a look.

Here atop a hill sits a Mediterranean villa…in Tennessee. We don’t see a lot of Mediterranean style homes here. Brick? We’ve got that. Spanish tile roofs are rare though.

Here’s a view of the house up close…

The foyer with dramatic staircase and chandelier…

The living room has a rustic, beamed ceiling and a beautiful fireplace.

The dining room

The kitchen has a lot of dark wood and is very spacious.

I assume this is the master bedroom, the listing doesn’t say. I love the fireplace.

I was a bit disappointed that this was the only picture of the bathroom available.

Theater room…

And the back patio area…

So what say you? Is this your dream house? I wouldn’t mind living in the Grassland area because it’s beautiful but I’m dreaming of something wooden with a beautiful front porch.

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Open House Tour- Movie Style

6 thoughts on “Open House Tour- Movie Style

  1. I think my dream home is a craftsman. Not sure, but I know this isn’t it. It’s beautiful, but I couldn’t spend that much on something that isn’t a little closer to the dream. Or…maybe I just couldn’t spend that much.

    • I’m sure you’re not surprised when I say it’s too brown for me :) I just can’t handle all that dark wood. Plus now that I know they filmed a horror movie there, I’m just going to have to pass. ‘Cause you know I’d be right on it otherwise ;)

    • I don’t know but I doubt it. You can’t even look at the property without proving that you can afford it (according to the Tennessean). I thought it would make a great B&B. It’s hard to imagine actually living there.

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