Raise your hand if you hate springing forward! I felt like a truck hit me this morning but after two cups of coffee I think I might have beaten the Daylight Savings Time hangover I’ve had for a couple of days. And as much as I hate my schedule getting thrown off twice a year, I’m always thankful for the extra sunlight and warmth. Those two things combined can only mean one thing- it’s time to start growing things! Whether you prefer square foot gardening, planters or flower beds there’s no better way to celebrate spring than to grow things.

As usual, I’ll be growing these:

I love the yellow pops of color against the blue sky. I also love that they’re so tall they act as a bit of a privacy screen between my neighbor’s yard and ours. I like my neighbors just fine but our houses are pretty close together and I like to have some privacy.

This year, I will grow blueberries!

I may also try blue hydrangeas. You can’t hold me to that one because I still haven’t decided if I really like blue hydrangeas.

I know I like white ones.

I guess it depends on which one looks best against the orange-ish color of the brick on our house.

There’s french lavender and a white rose bush growing in the garden now and I’m looking at edibles too; basil, thyme, parsley, cilantro, and possibly tomatoes. It seems like a lot for a really small space. I’d like to grow strawberries too…and raspberries…and a peach tree. I should probably get started.

So what about you? Are you growing anything? Do you have any favorites? I’d love to hear about it.

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10 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. I do not have a green thumb when it comes to growing veggies. But I plan to add to my flower beds this year. More annuals and perennials. I spent way more than my budget allowed yesterday at Lowes because of the wonderful weather. My son plants strawberries and they do well. I don’t bother them for fear of messing up his green thumb.

    • I’m in bad shape when I go to Lowe’s this time of year. I want 5 of everything :)

      That’s so cute that Elias plants strawberries. I’ve not had great luck with mine so maybe I’ll ask him for some tips.

  2. Hooray for blueberries! Also, I think the color of hydrangeas just depends on the Ph of your soil – I could be really wrong there, but I think I remember reading that. Mine are a purple-y sort of color and sometimes they’re pink too.

    • You are absolutely correct about soil ph. I love the shape of hydrangeas, I’m just not sure about the colors. I think I prefer the lighter ones like light pink or white. But the light pink ones seem to come in a cone shape so I’m not sure yet.

      Will there be time for growing things for you this year? You know I love a good garden update :)

    • The best way to get over intimidation is to just do it. Even if you fail you’ve broken the threshold. You’ve got plenty of space in that front garden bed to put some things in. You just need to figure out how much sun and shade you get and go from there.

      • I think I have some good spots in the back too. The drainage ditch running down the hill would be a good spot to plant some bushes. I have grand ideas in my head, but pulling it off will be a process. I should do SOMETHING though.

        • Yeah, that’s some tough work. I dug out a flower bed a couple of years ago and well, it wasn’t fun. I’ve taken the start small approach but I hope to actually get to the bed that’s on the side of the house this season. It’s never grown anything but grass since we’ve been here. I thought about pink or red honeysuckle. It attracts butterflies, becomes a big bush and it smells nice. It’s a win-win-win :)

          • The cottage we stayed in this past week had two honeysuckle bushes right outside the front door. It was heavenly to walk out and smell that. It smelled like summertime candy. It also wafted up into our window now and then. So pleasant. I recommend.

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