It’s a Doozy

This week has been a bit busy. I’m not complaining it’s just that Trav’s job change has brought a couple of other changes that require research and a lot of time. So today I am featuring a film that Amanda was in this semester at school. I love it that she’s a film student and it’s so much fun for me to get to see short films that are written, directed, filmed, etc. all by students. It’s fun and funny and silly…and this one has video game type violence so it’s probably not appropriate for smaller children.

And if you don’t know my oldest kiddo, here she is making a heart sign with her hands for me since I didn’t get to go to her award show. She won SEU’s equivalent of an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a film I haven’t seen. I’m bummed about that. Next year I’m going to the 180 film festival that her school holds every year.

Photo by Taylor Murray

I miss my kid and I can hardly wait until summer. And now for your viewing pleasure, I present to you, (the link for) Level Up.

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4 thoughts on “It’s a Doozy

  1. Aw. That was great!!!! Tell Amanda I loved it. Especially when she got to punch people.

    I’ve been wondering how the job transition is going. Hope all the busy is good.

    • You know that punching people was her favorite part :)

      It’s going really well but you know that odd, new-guy-nobody-to-eat-lunch-with feeling. It’s weird after almost 10 years. He’s supposed to have lunch with Kris tomorrow so that will be good. And I’ve been working on getting a new car for him since Thursday. We’re supposed to finalize that today and cell phone plans- blerg. I think we’ll have all that wrapped up by tonight. I think this weekend we’ll have a fire in the fire pit, roast something, and chill out :) And if I’m a really good girl maybe plant some blueberries!

  2. I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole thing yet, but what I have seen looks great :) So happy she’s thriving where she is!

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