The Engagement

So it seems that in all the hubub of Travis being laid off and in being preoccupied with his finding a job and whatnot, I’ve overlooked writing about a very important event that took place two days after Travis was laid off.

Amanda, my precious first born, got engaged!

I introduced, Daniel, her fiancee, last year in this post. And honestly we couldn’t be more thrilled with who God picked for her. I mean, besides the fact that they’re both completely beautiful, they also complement each other very well and Travis and I love to see the way he takes care of her- even if that means protecting her from her little sisters. It’s possible that the two smaller Buttons have attacked her on occasion, all in good fun of course.

They may also be planning an attack for the next time we see her. Really, what good is it to be a little sister if you can’t attack the big sister.

Now back to the story…

Amanda and Daniel visited this past July in a super-fast, blink and you’ll miss it sort of trip. We hadn’t seen Amanda since Christmas which to that point was the longest I’d ever gone without seeing her in her whole life. But Florida is *far* from here and it’s difficult for us to be able to get there to visit.  It’s hard for her too of course but she and Daniel were able to shift their schedules to get a few days with us. And while they were here, Daniel asked for Travis’ blessing to marry Amanda. We thought it was coming so we were really excited that Travis and Daniel got to talk about it then.

Now, I’m hesitant to write out all of the details of the actual engagement because I’m 99% sure that I will get the details wrong. Amanda told me the whole story very quickly and considering I couldn’t tell you what I did last week I know I’ll screw it up. The one thing that I know for sure is that Daniel went through a lot of trouble to plan out every detail. There was some subterfuge involved with friends saying they were going one place while they were actually someplace else setting things up. And this detail I consider to be a big hug from God to Amanda- the very first time they met was caught on film. Yep, my girl who loves to be in front of the camera was surprised one day when a guy knocked on her door and serenaded her with song and guitar while being filmed. She didn’t know him and he didn’t know her and if I remember correctly Daniel did it for a contest or a school project (see I’m terrible with specifics) but their very first encounter was filmed. Daniel edited that and had some friends set up a laptop in the park where he took Amanda under the pretense of  hanging out with their friends.  Imagine her surprise when she showed up and saw a video playing of she and Daniel meeting! It was all sweet and if you want the whole sweet story, I’m giving an open invitation to my precious firstborn to write a guest post on my blog. Yes, that’ s a thing.

Amanda engaged

amanda engaged 2

amanda engaged 3

We’re all super-excited. The girls want to pick out their dresses *now*! And Chloe told me last night that she’s going to *demand* that there’s dancing. As if she controls these things.  We’re all really looking forward to celebrating with them.

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8 thoughts on “The Engagement

  1. I really love to read what you write. I really wish you’d help me write a book because I seem to be stuck somewhere between my head and my hand. Maybe if you just helped organize it? Your whole life has been an amazing blessing to your mother and I. The miracles of protection and guidance that God has provided you have been a source of encouragement and stones of remembrance (Zikron) almost from the day you were born, and this has extended to Amanda as well. I love to hear the story of how you and Travis met because it’s not only a great story of classic romance, but also because it demonstrates how God “orders the steps” of his children, and it would appear that He has done something similar for Amanda and Daniel. I would so love to see the video of their first meeting. I’d also like to see you post the story of how God led you and Travis to each other. We don’t deserve all He has done for you and your family and all that He is doing and will do for Jon and his, but that just makes me all the more thankful that He has done it. Love you sweetie and can’t wait to see you guys in Nov.

    • Thanks, Dad. I’ll make you a deal, you move to Franklin and I’ll help you with your book. Sounds reasonable to me :D

      Oh, and for your book you could start with that comment…there’s a lot there. If you were to expound on that you’d likely have a book.

  2. I had not heard the story of their first meeting, and that it’s on video. It’s like Eric and Tisra with the photo of their first encounter. Love stuff like that. I’m like your dad, I love those stories of how people met and seeing God work as we simply follow Him. Good stuff!

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