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My sweet, Halle, has been sick for the last couple of days so we’ve been stuck in the house. We’ve been running here and there first thing in the morning for a few weeks and I really like it because it makes our days run more smoothly. It makes it difficult to blog but the time I’m investing in my kids is priceless. Since we’re stuck in the house though I thought that I’d share some of my favorites from around the web today. You can find all of my favorites by following The Button Casa on Pinterest.

I like this built-in eating area. I’ve always envisioned one for our house since we’ve got a small kitchen. I thought it would be nice to have the benches and use them for storing linens and things. Mine would be less modern, more cottagey and I’d replace the map with some fun art but I like the concept.

And for the gardening geek in me…a carryall for garden tools using an vintage milk bottle carrier. Seriously, if I ever find one of these things for a reasonable price I will be one happy camper.

Along the lines of simple and brilliant ideas, I present the toilet paper/twine holder.

Twine is one of things that we have “somewhere”. You know that vague “somewhere” that means you’ll never find it again so you just buy more. Yeah, that’s how we roll. Ahem.

I found these chalkboard labels at The Messy Roost and I just love them! I’m thinking of using something like this to label food for a dinner party.

I’m also loving this pretty ottoman. I bought an ottoman for $2 at a garage sale many moons ago that is in need of some serious love. I don’t usually sew but I think I could get away with just stapling the fabric and reusing the liner that’s already in the ottoman because it’s in fine shape.  A fabric like the one covering this one would be fabulous.

I’m also feeling the love for these pretty blue chairs.

And I love this mudroom. Apparently, the homeowners turned a little used entryway into a makeshift mudroom.

I love the idea of a mudroom especially since we get so much rain and some snow in the fall and winter. The kitchen floor gets *so* gross.  I’ll just have to chalk it up to my “someday” dream file since there’s definitely no room for it here.

I hope you enjoyed my little post of things I love.

Have a great day!





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Garden Goodness

I can’t even believe how long it’s been since I’ve known where my cable to upload pictures was. Really. I found it a couple of days ago and it’s very sad that I’d taken 97 photos- all intended for blogging- and I’ve posted none of them. So here you go…garden goodness.

It takes a lot of determination and sweat to dig a garden spot. I knew this and yet I decided to do it again. On the upside my back has never been stronger.


My goal was to plant the sunflowers that I’d started in pots and I envisioned having a veritable forest of different varieties. Unfortunately, I waited a bit too long to plant them and the drought didn’t help any so I’ve got a lot of really small sunflowers.



My usual sunflowers are faring better although they’re a few feet smaller than normal.

I’ve got a truckload of basil so I see pesto on the horizon for us. Plus I found a recipe for pork chops with basil, garlic, and lime that sounds promising.

I was going to plant my hydrangeas here:

But as I dug I found a lot of bricks and rocks and just didn’t feel like dealing with it so I need to find some pots for them.

Halle and I were lucky to each have a blueberry before some neighborhood deer snagged the rest- I was disappointed. Someday I plan on having about a dozen plants so maybe there will be some for the Buttons and also for the deer…unless I can talk Travis into getting a fence :) I really don’t like sharing my garden even though I like deer.

I wouldn’t call this summer a huge win for me but honestly, I can never call any growing season a huge win. A few small wins are enough to keep me going though. Now I’m dreaming of what I’ll plant in the fall. Anybody else dreaming of what you’ll grow in the fall?