Daisy, Daisy, You Drive Me Crazy…

…but I still love you. That’s a song that Travis made up and sings to Daisy often. I’ve introduced Daisy here before but I haven’t talked about her much lately. It’s mostly because her boyfriend, Romeo, has  been visiting a bit and she ignores us when he’s around. Daisy is the sweetest dog I know, sweet but not terribly smart,  she loves other dogs. She’s nearly run out into traffic because she saw a dog on the other side of the street.

Before we got Daisy I had images in my head of how sweet it would be to take her to the park for a walk while Travis and I held hands and the girls walked along beside us. In reality though one of us tries to wrangle her while she’s nearly yanking our arms off. She’s literally pulled me out of my flip-flops before.

Here are her 3 basic maneuvers:

The Tank Maneuver- This is the move where she gets her body as low to the ground as possible to gain enough strength to pull me along behind her. If she’s lucky and gets me to a run, it’s all over. I’m sure it’s quite a sight watching a grown woman running out of control behind a dog. Really, it’s all my dreams come true.

The Stop-Slack-Slide- This one is for when I’m being adamant that she’s going to go where I want her to. I give her very little leash so she’ll pull her head back and give a tiny bit of slack so she can slide her head out of her collar and run around the park unleashed.

The Bolt-Slack-Yank- This happens when I decide to let her run (because I’m no jogger) and she runs almost as far as the length of the leash (she might be smarter than I thought), gives a bit of slack and then rushes forward as hard as she can so as to yank the leash out of my hand.

That last one has been successful a few times and the last time she did it I pulled a muscle in my chest by holding onto the leash and it hurt to breathe for about two weeks. This is also the trip that I had to send Chloe and Halle into a field, away from the sidewalk because she was trying to drag us into traffic to get to a dog on the other side of the street. She also ended up scratching my leg very badly. I was fuming and came home swearing that I would never, ever take her for another walk. If you own a dog, you know that’s not really an option. So I had to find another solution. I’d seen a type of leash on a dog training show that fits around a dog’s snout and back of the skull, like a horse’s bridle and it seemed to help some really out of control Rottweilers. Daisy fit the out of control category and I like that this type won’t choke her.

It’s also a little bit funny to watch her try to get it off.

She’s pretty though, huh? I seriously love her. It makes her shenanigans and hijinks easier to deal with.

Romeo is trying to figure out what in the world is going on. Not only is she acting crazy, she’s also ignoring him. This is highly irregular.

Then we drove to the park to take a walk. The spring breeze was nice and cool, the kids talked and ran and picked dandelions while Travis and I were able to (finally) walk hand in hand with a reasonably behaved Daisy by our side.

This is Halle’s, “I’m telling a story” face.

I now have hope that all of the Buttons, including our stubborn pup, can take walks together. I’m definitely looking forward to more evenings like this one.

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A Two Dollar Dog Bed or Why I’m Thrifty

As you might have guessed from previous posts, I’m a bargain shopper. I was raised to be a bargain shopper, sort of. My Mom could sniff out a bargain with the best of them. We often shopped at outlet malls and factory stores and my Dad would drive a couple of hours in any direction if he heard of a place with “good deals”. It didn’t really matter what the good deals were on. Case in point, my Mom once sent my Dad out to the store to buy liver. Just a little bit of liver to make with onions for dinner. What did my Dad come home with? Fourteen pounds of liver because it was on sale. I hate liver. I swear that liver was in our freezer forever (nobody thought about the expiration date of meat in a freezer then) and finally my Mom threw it out because it had freezer burn- wink, wink. I don’t think any of us will ever know whether or not it was freezer burned but it was one of the best days of my life. No, really. I was probably 10 when she threw it out and I’m blogging about it today, that’s how good a day it was.

There were other things though that my Mom would never, ever do. She wouldn’t buy used clothes- ever. She didn’t like used furniture. She didn’t like handmade clothes or any of the things that are so popular now. Why? Because when my Mom was growing up she was the very poor daughter of a preacher/civil servant. They had meat one day a week and her Mom made dresses for her and her sisters out of flour sacks. Being thrifty wasn’t the fashionable thing that it is these days though. There was a tremendous stigma attached to being poor and buying things used. Today Craig’s List is popular at least among my friends- birds of a feather I guess- and in a lot of places considering how big Craig’s List is.

I’m saying all of that to say why being thrifty is a part of my blog. It’s just part of who I am. Sure there are times when buying a better brand and paying more is the wise thing to do but most of the time I do the very best I can with what I have. So, if I throw and idea out there and you think, “wow, she’s really a cheapskate”, that’s okay. You can just skip that idea and come back later when I’m less of a cheapskate.

This is Daisy our rescue pup. I think she’s beautiful.

She’s silly and funny and often is a complete pain in the behind. Like the rest of the Buttons she has her quirks but we love her and wouldn’t want to live without her.

She’s lived with us for over a year and in that time she’s destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of leashes, furniture and dog toys. Dogs chew, it’s just a fact of life and one that I wasn’t as prepared for as I thought I was. My husband’s stubbornness is why Daisy is still with us today and I’m thankful for that.

In all the time she’s lived with us I’ve wanted to get a dog bed for her but with all the things she’s destroyed I really didn’t want to buy one just to have her chew it up. This past Saturday we all took a trip to TJ Maxx, one of my favorite places, because I wanted to buy a new spring candle. I love Yankee Candles but I don’t like spending $25 dollars for one. I found one that fit the bill for $10, peaches are nice.

While we were there I got distracted by the dog beds. Daisy seems to have gotten past the destroying things phase and I was also hopeful that she wouldn’t pee on it. She’s housebroken but she still occasionally will “go” on blankets if we’re not looking or if she’s overly excited. We checked out what they had and there were a lot of cute ones ranging from $20-$30. It’s not a lot but I’ve joked that she destroys toys so quickly we should just let her chew on a $20 dollar bill. Then I got an idea, what if I bought pillow case and we used one of the many extra pillows we have that we aren’t using? So I found a clearance end cap and started digging. These things are often a mess but there can be some real gems on them.

First I found a really cute Cynthia Rowley shower curtain. If my bathroom was blue I probably would have bought it.

Then I found a pretty  indigo and white DKNY pillow sham. The important thing to remember though is that I’m not really being thrifty if I buy a cheap pillow sham but have to completely re-do my bedroom because of it.

At last I found a sham that had lost it’s partner that was neutral and sweet for the low, low price of $2.

You can’t really tell from the pictures but it’s got a soft pattern that includes parsley flowers. Didn’t know that parsley sprouted flowers? That’s okay because I didn’t either until I grew it. I plan on growing it again this summer.

Making Daisy’s bed was literally as easy as finding a pillow and stuffing it in the sham. The girls were so excited to help me. I love that they think everything I do is fantastic.

Then came the time to convince Daisy that 1. the dog bed is fun and 2. that she was allowed to lay on it. We don’t ever let her on the furniture. It’s Trav’s rule and I support him…although if it were up to me Daisy would be a lap dog.

In the beginning Daisy just thought it was play time and jumped all over the girls. I lurve my dog.

She finally got the idea when I put her rawhide bone on it. Granted it’s not exactly Daisy sized, although it would be a great size for a dog like my sister-in-law’s Yorkie-Poo, Pip. Or my other sister-in-law’s Bichon, Pookie. But if Daisy does well with this one then I’ll feel better about getting her a bigger one.

Then I’ll just have to get a smaller dog to fit on this one. I plan on naming her Peach.