I’ve been blogging for 7 years now and have had more than one bloggy redesign. It amazes me when I think that I’ve been doing this pretty consistently for that long! When I published my very first post ever I wondered how long I would keep it up and here I am 7 years later typing away. So why the new address? For starters, AmyButton.com is easier to remember than anything that ends with .wordpress.com. I eliminated two whole words that way. That’s less typing for you and I’m thoughtful like that.

AmyButton.com is also pretty easy to remember. It eliminates the need for me to change my blog name as I change. I started out with My Gypsy Life then Lemons and Roses then The Mrs. Adventures of Button Girl. I really like those last two. I knew that Button Girl was going to have an expiration date when I chose it a couple of years ago. Can I really be Button Girl when I’m 50? I’m not 50,  but I will be in a little over a decade and I’d hate to be a punchline.

Button Girl gets a facelift.

Button Girl goes to Bingo.

Button Girl gets a walker.

You get the idea.

Plus I’ve got 3 Button Girls that could fill my Button Girl shoes if they decided that they would also like to write. Although they’re creative enough to come up with their own ideas.

I love that about them.

So what can you expect here? When I get an idea I usually jump in with both feet, no plan, and end up frustrated.  This time though I have a plan. I want to write two posts per week about the things that are most important to me.

On the Home Front- A conversation with my sister-in-law prompted this topic. She asked me to post some tutorials on painting. Painting? I can totally do that. It also gives me an excuse to finish some projects I’ve been “meaning to get to”.

Homeschool- I’ll give you an overview of the fun stuff that we do. Projects and crafts and such. I promise I won’t make you take any tests. Well, not right away.

Living Gluten Free- When I realized I couldn’t eat gluten again…ever…I was overwhelmed. I’ve learned a bit over the past couple of years and I’ll pass that along to you.

Doggy Shenanigans- If things ever get boring I’ve got just the dog to perk things up.

I really hope that my current readers will follow along and that we pick up some new friends along the way. I think that’s enough things to keep me busy for a while.