Every year I think about getting organized. I’m at least tempted to buy all of the pretty organizing things I see at Target when I run out to get more paper plates. I buy pretty planners and I might even write in it but I’m more of a “having it all in my head” sort of person so even if I see value in writing things down I’m just very used to keeping a mental list. Since we homeschool though I see a need to get organized. It’s no use having everything we need right here at home if I can’t find it when I need it. I think we currently have 100 pencils hiding in various nooks and crannies around here. So I did some digging on organizing ideas and I’m sharing them with you.

Okay, so the modern minimalist look doesn’t exactly float my boat but to have a desk that clean and uncluttered…ahhhh.

Photo Better Homes and Gardens

I love the cubbies and wicker baskets. Everything is in it’s place but with style. Find it here.

Photo Pottery Barn.com

If you’re more the inbox type then maybe this is for you.

Photo Better Homes and Gardens

I think they’re so cute I just might forget the mail is there.

And If you like having everything right at your fingertips this might fit the bill.

Photo Better Homes and Gardens

You’ve got folders, recycling, pinboard and everything else you need in one compact space. I think this one’s my fave.

So what about you? What organizing plans do you have for this year? Let me (and everyone else) know in the comments.