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I’m not a Pinterest addict. Really, I’m not. I found it in a post that Young House Love did months ago. Once I looked around Pinterest I was over the moon excited that someone had finally come up with a spot to put all the cool things I’d find online so I’d actually remember them. See, many, many moons ago I found my dream house plans. It was at Southern Living and I saved it in my favorites on my computer. The favorites file that I never look in because I forget about it. And since Travis is a computer guy and we’ve never bought a computer, he Frankensteins computers for me, I change computers fairly often and my favorite house plan was lost. Then I joined Pinterest and spent a couple of hours looking through house plans again. I found several that I really liked but none of them were the one I’d saved originally. The plans I saved seem to be fairly popular so I thought I’d share some of my favorite places and spaces with you today.

This is the one that’s the second most popular as far as being repinned but it’s my favorite. Although I wouldn’t paint it beige. I’d paint it blue or yellow or white.

Southern Living

Can’t you imagine throwing parties there? I love the upstairs balcony. I’ve seen houses with faux upstairs balconies and I hate those. I’ve hated them since I was a kid. Even when my parents would take me to Disney World and we’d walk down Main Street, I loved the feel of the street and the buildings looked like there were apartments above the shops but inside it was just a normal gift shop and I felt gypped. Yes, I’ve had an abnormal love of beautiful old homes since I was a child. It could be that I went to Disney so many times and I grew up in a one story rancher style home in Florida. My parents designed and had that house built and I have many happy memories there but there’s nothing more boring to a little girl with a big imagination than a one story rancher. I wanted secret passages and glass doorknobs and an attic bedroom that could be my own space to read and dream.

My next favorite space is an adorable potting shed.

Better Homes and Gardens

Even though I’m not an expert gardener and I’d hesitate to say I’m even a novice gardener since I have very little knowledge compared to all there is to know about gardening, I still love to grow things. I was telling Halle yesterday about how I grew up in Florida and we had grapefruit trees in the backyard. I hated grapefruit because it was bitter but the trees are very large and are great for climbing. Yesterday’s memory was how my Dad, at least for a time, would go out and climb one of the trees and pick a grapefruit to take with him to lunch. I guess I’m so far removed from the time that my maternal grandparents grew a lot of their own food that it seems wonderful to be able to go to your own backyard and pick fruit to eat that afternoon. To have my own potting shed would be fantastic. Some girls want high heels and fancy parties and I want my own place to dig in the dirt.  I also occasionally wear high heels but they really hurt my feet.

The next space is an old tool shed converted to a guest room.

Better Homes and Gardens

I love the walls and the beadboard ceiling. If my guests didn’t want to stay in a separate space from the house then Travis and I could stay there. It would almost be like a vacation.

Then there’s the best use of a staircase ever.

Better Homes and Gardens

I love the bookshelves and it almost gives me the secret passages I wanted as a kid (and still want now…some dreams shouldn’t die).

And last but not least is the house that this staircase belongs to.

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens featured this home in an issue of their magazine several months ago. I know I have it around here somewhere. You can find the whole tour here. I loved nearly everything about that house.

And that wraps up this house post. You can find all of my Pin Boards here and feel free to link to yours in the comment section.

Have a Great Weekend!