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If you’ve been following my blog then I’m sure you’ve noticed the blog change. Yes, I’m still at my blog template changing ways. This one is fresh, crisp and I like the font better. I looked into having my own designed and stopped looking when I saw the 5k price tag. Yikes! Needless to say I’m not worrying about that today.

Do any of you have V-Day plans? Travis and I are planning a family V-Day since Amanda is away at college and we have yet to find a babysitter that’s close to us. I’m a little bummed that Travis and I won’t get to spend much alone time but maybe we can make up for it later. I’m looking forward to celebrating with the girls though.

I bought a doggie jacket for Daisy a couple of days ago and it happens to be pink and Valentine’s-ish. She’s my sweet, preppy doggie!

She knows she’s not supposed to be on the furniture.  This is her, “I’m so guilty” face. She was also wagging her tail…she does that hoping to distract me and keep herself out of trouble.

I snapped a couple of photos and made her get off the chair.

I love her face.

Tomorrow I’ll host Chloe’s Valentine’s Party at school. This year, as every year, they’re having a Valentine’s box contest. This is Chloe’s entry…

And another angle…

Believe it or not the only part I played in this whole thing was buying the wrapping paper. It was Trav’s idea and was completely carried out by Chloe. I’m proud of them both.

So today, instead of being mushy-romantic, will be a day that I’m thankful for my husband…

And our girls…

I especially love when they’re silly. They’re all measuring feet in this photo.

I wish you all a special day with your special someone or, as in our case, someones. Happy Valentine’s Day!