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I spent most of this morning on lunch duty at Chloe’s school. It was the fourth time I’d had to reschedule. First Halle had a fever, then I forgot (I’m not good at rescheduling), then Chloe had a fever and I finally made it today. This was the perfect day for it though. After lunch the kids get to have recess and it was beautiful. Warm and sunny without a cloud in the sky, it made me think of spring and color. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite colorful spaces with you.

Blue and White Bath

Green Dining Room

Yellow Barn Door

Rustic White Bath

Bold Green Island

Bold Blue Kitchen

Yellow Diamond Floor

Yellow Ceiling

Do any of you have thoughts of repainting this spring? I always think of repainting. When I was doing the painting I showed you yesterday, Travis said, “Uh oh, Amy’s got the paint out!” I do get a little tired of repainting the same rooms over and over so I think I’ll be painting furniture, decor items, and pictures this spring. I’m looking forward to that.

All of these pictures are from Southern Living and Coastal Living.