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We had a very long weekend with Travis off on Friday, Amanda coming home and my parents coming into town. It’s amazing to me how quickly I forget all of my responsibilities. Dishes pile up, school didn’t happen for Halle and laundry is piled in baskets in the living room.Ā  I guess it shouldn’t really be surprising considering I talk to my parents from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave. I’m glad we only live 3 hours apart.

The weather was perfect to have a fire outside and we roasted hot dogs, sausages, and marshmallows. It was so much fun and is the easiest entertaining ever!

My parents and kiddos

What does any of that have to do with paint, you might ask? It has nothing to do with paint, it’s just a peek into my weekend. My beautiful, stressful, exciting, good-news filled weekend. I can’t spill the good news just yet but we had some really, really exciting things happen.

On to paint!

I was at Michael’s last week trying to find some frames for art. I was really into painting a few years ago and stopped because I ran out of space to store them and didn’t have enough frames to put them in. I recently gave some away (my favorite one) and rediscovered some things that I’d shoved in a closet. Now I have one framed and I’m trying to decide whether or not to frame the others. As it turns out I don’t love them quite as much as I remembered. I framed one of Chloe and Halle and Halle shouted, “We made it on the wall, Chloe!!!” I didn’t know the wall was such a big deal but I’ll keep it in mind.

This is a matted frame that I got for $8. The watercolor paper is 11×15 and the matted area was almost too big. Michael’s had a pretty big selection and they’re so inexpensive that it would be easy to do a grouping on a bigger wall.

Michael’s also has paint. Lots and lots of paint. I’d purchased most of what I have from JoAnn but they didn’t have a very big selection and last time I was there I couldn’t find it so maybe they don’t carry it anymore.

Chloe and I love the paint aisle. If you’ve never bought artist paint before it can be a little intimidating so I’ll break it down for you.

First you have academic level paint.

It comes in lots of great colors and is good for home decor type projects. You could pick up a few canvases and paint them in your favorite color scheme and group them in 3 or 4 behind a sofa to give it an inexpensive pop of color. I don’t really like the texture of these paints but they’re about 5 dollars a tube so you could get quite a bit of colorful bang for your buck.

Next is level two paints. I like the texture of these a lot better and at 10 dollars for the biggest tube it’s still not terribly expensive.

Then we have level 3 for professionals. This brand is the favorite of an artist that has a column on About.com that I’ve been reading off and on for a few years now. I’ve found her tips very helpful and you can find her here.

The first time I bought a tube of this was from an art shop and I was so happy I was nearly giddy. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. The cool thing about these is that they brush a line of paint across the top to show you the color and whether it’s opaque or translucent. That’s what the black bars at the top are for. The price difference in the paints depends on the materials used to make it. In this case cobalt teal is $14 and phthalo green is $10. The history of paint colors and what they were made of is fascinating (to me at least).

Watercolor is also a great medium to work with but I’ll stop so as not to overwhelm you and so that I can finish school with the kiddos. The most important thing, I think, is if you want to paint just jump in and do it. You might discover that you love it and have a knack for it. Good luck!