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Since today is Friday and I’m looking forward to a weekend with my family before Amanda flies back to school I thought it was a good idea to highlight my favorite Pinterest items from this week. And possibly also last week. Or maybe it was 28 weeks ago, I’m still going to make that stuff, honest!

But first, our big exciting news is that Travis got a new job!!! I had to wait to share though because he just put his notice in this morning. He’s looked for a long time and this new company seems like a great fit and a great opportunity and it’s also got a few perks. And really, who doesn’t love perks? We’re all really excited although I occasionally feel like I’ve got a flock of butterflies in my stomach…change is good though and I’ll remember that when my little butterfly friends show up again.

On to Pinterest!

How about some fun, cheerful, and also easily made poms. Chloe has a birthday in June so I’ll likely be making these soon-ish.

Martha Stewart

How about Buckeye Pie? I haven’t made it but it seems like it would be easy enough to substitute gluten free graham crackers for the regular ones to make it gluten free. Yes, gluten free graham crackers exist. The have them at Whole Foods.

My Recipes.com

I love, love this light bulb vase from Free People.

Free People Blog

This recipe was featured in Southern Living’s August, 2011 issue. I figured that since we’re rapidly approaching peach season, you might appreciate it. These are refrigerator preserves and last 2-3 weeks if memory serves me correctly.

My Recipes.com

In keeping with the peach theme, how about cheesecake stuffed peaches?


Apparently I’m hungry this morning or it could be that I’ll be starting South Beach soon. That’s probably it. Bathing suit season is coming and since we have a gym membership, we’ll likely spend the entire summer in the pool so I really have no choice in the matter. Well, I guess I could buy a bathing suit that doubles as a tent but I don’t really like that option (wink).

I hope you all have a completely fabulous weekend.