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Have you ever seen the movie, “People Will Talk”? It stars Carey Grant and Jeannie Crain. I put it in my Netflix cue simply because Carey Grant was in it. It also featured an uncredited appearance by, Margaret Hamilton, aka. The Wicked Witch of the West. I still got the heebies watching her in this role even though she was just playing a maid. The scene pictured finds Noah Praetorius ranting a bit over the state of the food of the day..

“What have you great men of science done with atomic energy to make people well?….Sauerkraut belongs in a barrel, not a can.  Our American mania for sterile packaging has removed the flavor from most of our foods.  Butter is no longer sold out of a wooden tub, and a whole generation thinks butter tastes like paper.  There was never a perfume like an old-time grocery store.  Now they smell like drugstores, which don’t even smell like drugstores anymore.”  ~ Cary Grant as Dr. Noah Praetorius, People Will Talk (1951) (I found the quote here.)

I don’t usually blog about the state of food and it’s quality, although it’s something I think about. This is my blog about making things pretty and sometimes yummy. When I watched that movie though I found myself cheering for Dr. Praetorius and not just because he’s played by Carey Grant. Who knew that some people were thinking about the state of food in 1951?

Many moons ago I used to drive very far away to get, among other things, farm fresh eggs. I saw for the first time ever a happy chicken running through the grass presumably to go after a nice, fat worm. I didn’t know a chicken could look happy. When gas got to $4 a gallon it didn’t make sense to drive so far to get fresh eggs. I went back to buying eggs at Costco and while that fit our budget better I really wanted to have the opportunity to buy farm fresh eggs again.

So, over a year ago I met one of my friend’s mom and she raised chickens for eggs. I told her that I’d love to buy farm fresh eggs again but unfortunately some of her chickens were, um, well, they have a dog and…you know. So she had to get more chickens. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and my friend, Lori, asked if I was still interested in eggs. Yes! Yes, I am interested in eggs! And even better? Lori brings them to me at church. No extra driving required.

Aren’t they pretty?

They’re speckled and brown and white and grey-blue-green. They’re pretty and yummy and fresh and as an added bonus there’s no chicken poo on them. When I used to buy them they’d been washed but I’ve never seen farm eggs this clean.

Eating fresh, local and organic is all the rage these days so is there anything you love fresh from the farm? I’d love to hear about it.