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Today I’m sending out an S.T.H- Save This House! I drive past this place anytime I go to Cool Springs- which is at least a half dozen times a week. It sits directly across from The Factory at FranklinHarlinsdale Park sits behind it, and it’s within walking distance to the heart of Downtown Franklin.  It was built in 1926 and there was an article written about it in the paper when it first went on the market so I know there’s historical significance to it…I just can’t remember what it was and the article is no longer available. Drat!

It’s a foreclosure and is listed at $159,900. There are some smaller cottages in this tiny development that were purchased for very low amounts, I remember one that was listed in the $20,ooo dollar range with a warning that the floor was falling in.  And from the outside you can see that this home needs some TLC too. Take a look at the pictures and see if you’re up to the challenge. Here’s a link to the listing in case you’d like to be Superman or Superwoman and save this house!

Clearly the house needs a lot of  TLC.

The home has some nice features although the kitchen and bath need an overhaul more suited to the character of the house. Every time I drive by I can’t help but feel sad that it’s in such disrepair so I hope that whoever buys it does a fabulous renovation.

I did a little searching through my Pinterest Boards and came up with a few ideas for the kitchen.

How about a robin’s egg  blue kitchen island? It would have to be smaller, of course but I love it. I’m also considering doing something similar to my own kitchen island.


 I think that a vintage look kitchen with white subway tile would be sweet too.

I love the detail on this cabinet.


Some of the baths I featured on “A Colorful Day” would be pretty in that house too. I guess a girl can dream.

Now, I will bid you adieu and wish you a wonderful weekend. I predict that there will be much celebrating at The Button Casa since today is Trav’s last day at his current job! A new adventure awaits us next week and I couldn’t be more excited!