Today I am tired but I have accomplished much this week. This time last week I’d found two cars that might work to replace, Lazarus, Trav’s 1995 Dodge Caravan. I found two different Hyundai Sonatas for sale on Craig’s List and one was a really low mileage car. After I looked at Consumer Reports and saw that the car got a nearly perfect review, I was pretty sure I’d found our new car. It takes more time and effort to buy from an individual and it’s a bit nerve-wracking to have to hold the deal together but we were able to purchase a 2006 Hyundai Sonata for about 2K under what it was valued at. And the car even has a sun roof! We weren’t even looking for that so it’s a really nice perk… I like perks. So, the running around town Travis and I have been doing-he to test drive and get the car checked out then I was working on making it legal at the tag agency and whatnot- was totally worth it. Tiring and stressful but worth it.

Then there was the cell phone thing, the a/c thing, and the lawn mower thing. You know, life sort of happened all at once. We have since battened down all the hatches and I’m looking forward to smoother sailing next week.

Weeks like this one make it nearly impossible for me to focus on the pretty things. But I did take a few minutes each day to see how my little garden is progressing. And I had the windows open as much as possible to let in the fresh air and to hear the birds singing.

The lavender is in bloom!


I’m surprised at how much I love lavender. I never really liked the smell in soaps or lotions but I love the smell of the plant itself. The only thing I don’t love is that this plant only blooms in the spring. This is french lavender. I think that there are some other varieties that bloom longer than that.

We are on spring break this next week…I’m super excited about that. And I’ve got a fabulous new post in the works for what I hope to be a regular feature. It’s called “Artist Spotlight” and I’m really excited about it. The only drawback I see is if I run out of artists to spotlight but I will cross that bridge later. For now though I think I hear coffee calling my name….it’s calling loudly since it’s noon and I haven’t had any yet (wink)

Have a great weekend!