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Today is my very first- of hopefully many- Artist Spotlight post. Today I’m featuring, Ginny Celoria, who also happens to be from my hometown of Lakeland, Florida. Her sister, Amey, Travis, and I all went to college together and Amey was the very first person to give me the, “Hey, you and Travis should get together” talk. Well, she really said it in passing and I may have rolled my eyes.

Ahem. Sorry, Honey.

Fast forward a dozen or so years and I found Ginny online. Darling Adventures is Ginny’s sewing and crafting blog . Though she has just joined the blogosphere, Ginny has big plans to expand her small collection of posts with video tutorials, prize giveaways, guest bloggers, electronic books, and even her own line of fabric. And if her current projects are any indication, it’s all going to be fabulous.

She already has an Etsy shop up and running with items like these beautiful lace earrings…that I just bought. Really, there was only one pair and even though I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, I thought these would dress up my casual style nicely. So I had to buy them, right?

Ginny Celoria: Heavens to Etsy

You can find many other items for sale here. Like these vintage fat quarters which could be used for quilting or for the project I’m featuring today.

Ginny Celoria: Heavens to Etsy

Today I want to feature a tutorial that she posted to her blog. It’s called, Upcycled Cans, and I think you’ll see why I fell in love with them.

Ginny Celoria: Darling Adventures.com

Aren’t they so cute? It’s amazing what you can do with a can, spray paint, fabric, and Mod Podge. And I thought, “Hmmm, what if anybody that wants to did this tutorial with me?” You know, instead of pinning it and forgetting it, what if we actually did it together and all posted pictures on our blogs? If you’re interested just say so in the comments. I’d love to not be doing this by myself…although with two girls that love to create things I’m never really by myself on these things.

Since I’m in Birmingham this week, I will spare myself the frantic craziness of having to find all of this stuff while I’m here. So, Wednesday, April 11th will be the day that I post my own Upcycled Can. Who’s with me?

Oh, and if you missed the link to Ginny’s instructions you can find them here.

Happy Upcycling!