I’m re-blogging this today for Tabitha at Debt Free Decorating. She’s doing a series on organizing here: http://debtfreedecorating.wordpress.com

The Button Casa

My last post gave me some inspiration to tackle two things that drive me crazy here at the Button Casa. The kitchen island and next to the microwave.

I cleaned this up a lot before I took a picture of the mess. Usually the fruit basket has a newspaper, bills,  hand cream, a pack of gum or various other odds and ends. I couldn’t show you that. So here is an example what a mess on the kitchen island might look like if you walked into our kitchen.

Frustration number 2 is next to the microwave. We live in a 1,000 sq. ft. rancher style home so every bit of space is used to store something. Or shove something when we don’t know where to put it. Which happens a lot, I’m not gonna lie.

I didn’t edit this picture first. That Indiana Jones movie has been there for at…

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