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A couple of months ago, after Travis started his new job, we were in need of new phones. After much deliberation we decided to go the Droid route and I’m very pleased with the amount of apps and such that are available with it. Especially the WordPress app! I seriously love it. I couldn’t figure out how to get photos from my phone to my blog but it’s a cinch with the app. That’s how I posted the last two posts and since I’ve been sick, having the convenience of lying on the couch and still being able to connect was great. Granted, they were really short posts but that means that I can post from anywhere- like while I’m on vacation. I’m not a techno-geek but I love it when technology makes my life easier.

My phone has a decent camera and I can use Instagram…


Or not…


I like the effects on Instagram (top picture) but the pictures are smaller and that bugs me for some photos. The camera app that came with the phone has effects too, like cropping out bunny ears- if you look really closely you can see two tiny fingers behind my head- and the pictures are bigger.

All-in-all, I give the WordPress app a big thumbs up. I don’t think it would be good for a very wordy post but for blogging on the go, or for being stuck on the couch, it’s a great way to go.

Have a fabulous weekend!