This past weekend we celebrated Chloe’s 11th birthday, Amanda came home from college and my parents visited. They left this morning, taking Chloe and Halle with them for a week and a half. This is usually the point where I’d wax poetic about life and  all that I’ll accomplish while they’re gone but I’m going to skip that this time. Because I’m tired and I need a break. While they’re gone I plan on sleeping. I’m hoping to con persuade Travis to pick up dinner for us more than once. Every day is probably a stretch. I plan on getting coffee out and I’m going to read a book. It won’t be on theology or anything terribly important. I might even get a pedicure. I’m going to take a walk without Daisy and I might even get to the antique shops I’ve never visited but have always intended to. And I will try to not think about all the things I’m going to write about when my little break is over.

Because I am on vacation.