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Today on this first day of summer I’m thinking about many beautiful things.

Making blueberry lime tea for Travis- it’s his favorite.

Summer nights spent on the patio, talking and laughing with our kids.

Sunflowers in bloom.

Afternoons at the pool.

And color….


I’m finding that more and more my eyes want bright pops of color rather than the blues I normally lean towards.

Those are my thoughts for today. Well, at least the interesting ones. The rest of my thoughts are focused on de-cluttering my whole house. I’ve actually entertained thoughts of renting a dumpster and tossing half of our belongings into it. We used to move so often that once a year we got rid of things we didn’t need. We’re coming close to 6 years in this house and we need to purge in a big way. This afternoon, Amanda asked me about getting rid of some magazines and I said, “Just put them in the recycling bag, don’t even show them to me”. I get too attached, magazines are full of too many good ideas that I’ll never, ever get to so it’s best to toss them.

So I guess I’ll add a de-cluttered house to my list of things to enjoy this summer. I just wish it wasn’t such hard work.