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I went to the gym this morning and on my way home I stopped by a produce stand that I’ve driven by for the last 5-ish years. I had some cash in my wallet (which is rare) so I thought I’d check out some produce and support a local business. I didn’t buy any peaches but I did buy a cantaloupe that smelled like a flower- it’s the first cantaloupe I’ve ever purchased. I’ve never been a big fan of them but it smelled too good to pass up.  My thought is that if it smells like fruit it will probably taste like fruit.

Unfortunately none of the people at the stand were very friendly. At first I thought that maybe they were just hot- that’s enough to make me grumpy. Maybe the man sitting inside didn’t feel very well or maybe he’d gotten into a fight with his wife. Maybe he’s tired of the produce business and would rather be fishing. I suppose I won’t write them off just yet. There is another stand close to the city cemetery downtown though and I think I’ll drop by there next time.


This is my very first sunflower bloom for this year. It’s a different variety than I’ve grown before and being the forgetful one that I am, I didn’t set the flowers in the ground according to size. So, I’m not sure if it’s stunted do to the heat, if I screwed it up by starting it in a pot, or if this variety is supposed to be this short- it’s 2-3 ft tall. The next time I try something new I’ll try to have less variables. Except the forgetful thing…there’s not much I can do about that.


We spent the Fourth at the Nashville Zoo and well, it was hot. I know you’re all surprised. It was the only day though that all of the Buttons could be there at the same time. We got there just before the gates opened hoping to beat the heat and it helped for a while. The big bonus was getting to see some animals active that I’ve only seen lying around- like the Red River Hogs.They’re still ugly but we got to see them walk around.

And I got a picture with all of my girls. It’s the first time in a long time and the little ones have grown so much. Chloe is starting to get mistaken for me sometimes. We’re starting to hear, “Girl, you look just like your mama!” She hit 11 and we’re shopping in the kids section and the Junior section. Crazy!


And now I bid you adieu.

Have a Great Weekend!