While Travis and Chloe were on their way home, Halle and I were on our way to buy cupcakes and ice cream. I figured that if the angels in heaven can rejoice over one that comes to salvation (Luke 15:10), the Button family could certainly celebrate with cupcakes. So Halle and I went to the bakery at Publix and I looked over their cupcake selection. I saw some cute ones with butterflies and some that said, “Happy Birthday!”. I really wanted to buy the butterfly cupcakes because I knew that Chloe would love them. But I felt that the Holy Spirit was prompting me to buy the happy birthday cupcakes. It seemed silly. I wondered why in the world it would matter which cupcakes I bought? I told myself that I was being ridiculous. I reasoned that butterflies could signify rebirth and we could talk about it at dinner. So I put the butterfly cupcakes into my shopping cart and walked away but as I did it nagged at me that I should buy the birthday cupcakes. So I turned around, put the butterfly cupcakes back and put the birthday cupcakes into my cart. Immediately Halle asked, “Birthday cupcakes? It’s not Chloe’s birthday.”

Then I was able to share salvation and being born again with Halle. By the time we’d gotten to the ice cream section she asked me, “Mommy, am I a Christian?” And I asked her, “Have you ever confessed Jesus as your Savior?” She said, “You mean the whole family is a Christian and I’m not?!? I wanna be a Christian!” So I asked her if she’d like to pray with Daddy when we got home and she said, “Nah.” I was dealing with a 7 year old after all. I didn’t push it but I sensed that the Holy Spirit was working. So we bought our ice cream and cupcakes and headed home.

That night we celebrated…all of us including, Amanda plus my friend, Amanda and her daughter, Jessica. We thanked God for His goodness and talked and laughed. Then it came time for bed. I was brushing my teeth when Travis knocked on the bathroom door and said, “Can you come out here?” I asked what was going on and he’d been saying bedtime prayers with the girls and Halle again said, “I wanna be a Christian!” So we sat on the couch and talked to her for a few minutes trying to determine what she understood. Then we prayed with Halle to receive Christ. Afterwards I told her we’d buy cupcakes and celebrate her rebirth-day.

The next day we stopped by Publix again and this time we bought butterfly cupcakes….and I ate one too.

Tomorrow? Cupcakes, Salvation, and Healing.