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Once we got the new media console put together and set up, I realized-again- that the beige walls with the brown sofa, beige chair, brown side table, brown dog crate, brown piano and the brand-new brown media center was making me crazy. So I decided to paint- again.

I went to Lowe’s and they have some pre-mixed samples in bottles that you can see through so I just picked two that I liked.

One in blue. Is that too predictable?

And one in green.

I’ve been thinking lately that I should just have other people pick colors for me. Mostly because I choose the same type colors over and over and never actually find a winner. I would have never thought to choose this green if I’d only seen it on the paint chip.

It’s the lighter color on the far left. I don’t like the other two greens so I wouldn’t have even picked it up. I think it looks fabulous on the wall though. I never even tried the blue color since the kitchen and master bedroom are blue, plus I’ve been dying to get some more green in here. Although, now that I look at it the color seems a bit blue-green. But I like it a lot…

Next my hunt for accessories and whatnot began…

A couple of days later I stopped in at a local antique junk store that I’ve wanted to visit but never have. Here’s the thing about junk/antique shops in Franklin. We’re a bit of a destination for such things and people selling junk in Franklin typically know what out of towners are willing to pay for the junk and so IMHO, it’s all overpriced.

The nice pipe-guy assured me there was a “big sale” though.

I found a great cabinet…


Or two…


And this seemed like a real junk store since there was at least one place that I literally couldn’t walk through. I couldn’t even carefully step over the junk to get to some interesting milk glass cups. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

I thought these were interesting and might look good on the new accent wall and they were reasonably priced- maybe $30-$35- but I wasn’t sure about them.



The most interesting thing I saw was a goat cart for $495. I’m not sure what I’d use a goat cart for but I do like it. Mostly it makes me giggle.


Unfortunately I got a call from, Amanda saying that the smoke detector kept going off so I had to head home quickly to make sure the house wasn’t going to burn down. It wasn’t. We just had a really old smoke detector. Did you know you’re supposed to replace those things every 10 years?

So my hunt for art and whatnot is still on.