I’ve been absent from this blog lately. Perhaps you’ve noticed, perhaps you haven’t and either is fine. I expected to blog a lot this year, about what I wasn’t completely sure. What I didn’t expect was to be healed.

Really, amazingly healed.

I didn’t realize how it was going to change things.

It has changed what I’m able to do. I don’t have to sleep late because getting up early no longer causes me to crumple into an exhausted heap. I don’t have to rest for hours after a shopping trip. I can walk around an amusement park for two days without needing to sleep for two weeks afterwards (we just got back from a trip to Dollywood).  My life has changed dramatically very quickly.

I was reading the book of Nehemiah recently and the whole book is about rebuilding the walls surrounding Jerusalem after the Israelites had been in captivity for 70 years. As I read I noticed the details about how they were rebuilding and the description of Nehemiah rehanging the gates to the city and I was struck by the importance of something that could be passed over as trivial to someone looking at it from a 21st century perspective.  As I looked around my own house, at my own life and the rubble that surrounds me from these last 12 years I know that I have to rebuild. I have to rehang gates.

Today rebuilding looks like vacuuming the living room and sweeping the kitchen.

It’s not glamorous but it is necessary.

I never expected being healed to usher in a season of  new focus, of new direction but it’s here and I want to do the very best that I can with what I’ve been given.

Which means I’ll be here less. I could call it a hiatus because I’m not sure what anything looks like right now.  But I do know where my focus needs to be- right here…doing the un-glamorous. All the while knowing that I’m sowing into something eternal.