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On this Fun Friday I’m going to re-purpose a tiny fragrance jar to use for the myriad of tiny blooms Halle brings me. Sometimes it’s a tiny flower, a tiny weed, a tiny clover or it could be a full size bloom that she’s picked with a really short stem. Regardless of exactly what it is though, it will rarely fit into a normal bud vase.

I can’t do the whole, “Thanks, Halle, I love it” and then toss it in the trash- she knows and will ask about it and it hurts her feelings. In fact, I have an autumn leaf getting crushed in my purse right now that I’d forgotten about. I love that about her.

I usually buy different fragrance oils to burn for each season and I’ve just recently used up most of my summer ones. Normally I throw the jars away but I’ve always hated to because they’re cute. Recently though I wondered if I could use them for a tiny little vase.

It was easy as pie to pop the stopper out, then I washed it and had my very own bud vase.

I thought about removing the label but decided I liked it better this way.

So, how about you? Do you have a favorite unconventional vase? A friend of mine put a bunch of summer blooms into a glass Orange Crush bottle and I loved that.

Have a Great Weekend!