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I’ve started three different blog posts in the last few weeks but wasn’t able to finish any of them. I just haven’t been feelin’ it. Actually in the last few months I’ve barely been able to even read a blog much less think about writing. I guess I’ve just really needed a break. It’s hard to believe that blogging would be something that I’d stick with for 8 years! Through good and bad and more than one “break” I’ve actually stuck with it. I’m toying with some blog goals and some personal ones too…which I realize I’m sort of late for but Christmas time was way too busy for me to even think about goals for a new year. I’m not the only one, right?

So, I thought that I’d share a few vacation pictures that I’m sure you’ll be interested in.

Travis and I went to Dillard, GA for my birthday in November which was so close to a place that I’d vacationed when I was in college that we had to visit. Highlands and Franklin, NC made me want to move to the mountains as soon as I graduated and although I ended up in Tennessee I still managed to end up in Franklin.

Here are some highlights from Highlands…

The shops in this corridor had glass doorknobs on the outside 🙂


This store was my favorite. IMG_1090




Nearly every furniture piece was painted in fabulous colors. I got a lot of good ideas and I’m pretty sure there’s some furniture painting in my future.

Our next stop was the visitor center and the very nice lady working there (also a former Floridian) told us that we could look at the rooms in any of the local inns. So, we headed over to The Main Street Inn and asked if we could look around. To our surprise we were told that we could go inside any of them that we wanted. Here’s one of the king sized rooms. Almost all of them had claw foot tubs with separate showers and they were all decorated in white. They were beautiful and romantic.

IMG_1106The Inn also had a lovely (and delicious smelling) restaurant. I really want to visit again and try the pot roast.


We did our share of nature things that day too. There are quite a few waterfalls on the drive from Highlands to Franklin and we stopped at all of them.IMG_1115

It was lovely being able to take a couple of days to spend with just Travis. Although we did constantly talk about bringing the girls back and all the things we wanted to do with them. And I decided that although I fell in love with the mountains here I definitely ended up in the right Franklin.