In one of Halle’s recent homeschool lessons they talked about discovering ancient civilizations and archaeology. The activity that accompanied the lesson suggested that I get some sand, dump it in the backyard and bury some household items for my young explorer to discover.

I quickly decided that was the most ridiculous activity ever.

I mean, kudos to the mom that doesn’t mind running to a garden store to pick up a 50 pound bag of sand, is thrilled at the prospect of having a sand pile in the backyard for all of the neighborhood cats to discover and is completely fine burying her can opener outside.

I’m not that girl.

I did like the idea though and came up with something that was more practical for us. I used a Costco sized (and super cheap) box of salt that I had on hand, a rubbermaid container with a lid, and small toys.

When I put everything together I explained to Halle what an archaeologist does. Then we came up with a story about the ancient city of Fritata that once was located in the jungle but got swallowed up by the desert leaving behind their treasures for us to discover. Then as we uncovered each item we imagined what they were made from and what they might have been used for.

It might have gotten a bit silly.

Then we took pictures and it got a bit hammy 🙂

We discovered treasures.



Then we took them back to our camp and dusted and cataloged them.


Then we rejoiced over our finds and decided that Halle’s picture should hang in a museum next to them.


We did this activity again today because Halle loves it and also because she’d rather do anything if it gets her out of doing math. And I realized that as she begged me to tell her a story about the ancient civilization of Bajunga that this is the most fun for her because we spend time together making up stories.

That’s what homeschool is about for us.