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On this beautiful, and chilly, Fun Friday I am actually going to have a Fun Friday. I’m not going to post kitchen pictures or great ideas- I have a great idea and I’m going to go live it. See, Travis has to work all day. He used to have these kinds of days all the time at his last job. Thankfully, this is the first one we’ve had with his new company in almost a year! Which makes this the perfect Gilmore Girls Button Girls movie night. If you’ve ever watched Gilmore Girls then you know that movie night is a big deal…and here are the rules.

1. There must be copious amounts of food.

2. It must all be takeout- nothing homemade.

3. There must be candy and cookies and mountains of things I wouldn’t normally eat.

4. We must watch a movie. There’s no watching Gilmore Girls on a movie night.

Tonight our movie will be The Princess Bride. Which our resident Farm Boy fetched for us a couple of days ago.

Farm Boy Travis has predicted that he’ll come home to three girls ready to throw up.

I hope you have a Fun Friday too šŸ™‚