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I was thinking about some different things this morning and realized that not only have I not blogged in weeks, It’s also been many moons since I gave my friends an old fashioned blog-style update. I miss those. So I’m going to write one today.

First off, all of the Tennessee Button girls have had the flu. For one full week we all had fevers, and not low grade fevers, high fevers. And for two full weeks we’ve coughed, hacked, sneezed, snorted and in general have been miserable. Thankfully most of that is behind us and we just have the remnants of coughs and general feeling weak/winded. Travis stepped up in knight-in-shining-armor form and worked all day, stopped at the store nearly every night, fetched takeout and soup, cooked, cleaned the kitchen, took care of Daisy and waited on three pathetic Button girls hand and foot. I’m going to make a pie for him. Mostly because he loves pie and I really don’t enjoy making it so it’s a sacrifice that will make him super happy.

Secondly, after many years (close to five, I think) of being in the same life group at church, Travis and I are making a change. We started out in a Franklin life group that was 5 minutes from our house then our group multiplied out and we went with the new group because they had no worship leader and the original group had about 18 worship leaders. Our group bounced around from meeting in Franklin to Bon Aqua to Fernvale and Fairview. All of those places are a bit of a drive for us and while we never minded the drive- it’s really a pretty one- it has really hindered our building relationships in Franklin. We’ve lived here for 6 1/2 years and we still have very few friends that we hang out with. So when our life group leaders told us they were taking a Sabbatical, we knew it was time for us to make a change. Shortly after that I was invited by a friend to join a group that is meeting in town for a series our church is calling “Restored” and she just happens to be a co-leader of a life group that meets five minutes from our house, seriously, I could walk there if I wanted to. Actually I have walked to the subdivision from here before just for exercise. Travis met with the guys from the new life group last night and came home really excited about that group. We go to our first life group with the new group on Wednesday and our last meeting with our old group Sunday. It’s amazing to me how quickly it’s all happened and how seamless the transition seems so far.

Thirdly, in the realm of the silly, Daisy occasionally will watch TV. Really. It all started with the Westminster Dog Show a few weeks ago. She couldn’t resist watching all of those dogs run around in a circle. She even watched the commentators.


I couldn’t resist snapping a picture with my phone. Then a few weeks later, she heard some kittens meowing and was mesmerized.


She’s so cute.

I’d love to tell super-cute kids stories but we’ve all been glued to the couch or chair for such a long time that there’s not much to tell. Oh, except that my girls have eschewed every toy known to mankind- except for Legos. I’m very confused by this because I never liked Legos. Mostly because I couldn’t build anything except a tower and I don’t like things I’m not good at. Actually, I shouldn’t be surprised that Chloe loves them because she thinks like Travis does. Halle is a mini-me so that’s the really surprising thing. I think it helps to have Chloe lead the way in this arena. They’ll play in the back room for hours, making up stories and new whosits and whatsits. Their creativity makes me smile.

I hope you enjoyed my little update. Now I’m off to run some long overdue errands- not too many though since I’ll likely collapse.