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Selling our home is the most exciting and daunting thing we’ve undertaken in a while. When we moved in here I had a hard and fast list of the things we’d do and while we’ve done a lot of those things there are a few things we haven’t. I read an article about the biggest home buyer turnoffs and I’m afraid I might have to do some things I didn’t originally intend to.

I’ve taken a look at the area and while home prices are climbing, I need to be realistic about who our target buyer will be. It’s doubtful that a family of 5 is going to buy our house…that’s why we’re selling. Five people + a dog in 1,025 square feet is a tight fit. So realistically we could be looking at a single guy or a young couple that are looking for a starter home- or possibly an investor looking for rental property. At any rate the beautifully happy pink bedroom with the lime green curtain could be a turnoff for our target buyers so it looks like I’ll have to beige it up.

For those of you that are counting it will be the THIRD  time I’ve painted that room!

I will also paint the yellow playroom/Amanda’s room and I’m considering going with beige/greige for the master bedroom too. I figure that pops of color can come in with accessories and- if I have time- by painting furniture. Realistically though that’s a lot of work.

Clearing out and de-cluttering will be a challenge since we don’t have a garage and I’m not sure what I’ll do about that.

The bathroom is getting tiled, driveway repaved and some other exterior work, we have to paint the trim in the entire house and probably outside too.

A big question though is to scrape or not to scrape? The popcorn ceilings that is. Every time I watch and episode of House Hunters the (unrealistic) first time home buyers *always* point that out as a negative. I don’t mind painting the ceiling and I don’t want to impede the selling of the house but realistically that is a *lot* of work- which could lead to more work when you consider the possibility of popped nails and gouges and patching and sanding to make the ceiling smooth.

All while my arms are over my head.

I think I’ve talked myself out of it.

Like, for real…blech.

Which, when I think about it is why the ceilings are still like that since it was one of my top ten things to change when we moved in.

Okay, now to call and get estimates on things…