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I’m currently sitting outside watching Daisy roll around in the dirt while Halle digs for dinosaur bones. Around me are empty pots, reminders of past plants and projects and things I never got around to doing. I see a bare spot where, Tracy the rose bush used to be. Travis cut her down this past weekend. She was sick and I couldn’t fertilize her anymore because she was within Daisy’s reach and I didn’t want her (Daisy) to eat it. I probably shouldn’t name my plants. It tends to confuse things.

The holly tree, bush thing (we never named it) is gone too. If we were going to stay we wouldn’t have cut it down but once it bloomed there would be hundreds of bees inside- so many that last year it sounded like the tree itself was buzzing- and you can’t really show a house that has a scary, bee infested tree. And even though I hated it when we moved in I really did come to love it. Especially in the winter when everything else was dormant. I loved the red berries blanketed in snow. Sigh.


I suppose it’s normal to feel sentimental when so much change is happening. I have a little regret over things I didn’t get to, not much though. And right now most of the things that have to be done we’ve hired people to do. Since Travis and I can’t put in a driveway or repair the foundation or repair the wood trim that squirrels decided to chew their way into this past winter. It’s a lot of things and a lot of money. I’m thankful that the Lord has provided but it’s still stressful.

I’m looking forward to this all being over but I truly am thankful for all of the things God is teaching us along the way.

And now I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of the kiddos.