It’s been forever since I’ve even checked my blog- and I know that people want pictures. I’ve been posting pictures on Facebook- yes, Facebook the thing I’d abandoned “forever”. It seems that forever is not forever if one needs to get in touch with a bunch of people quickly. Say if something happens like my mom having a stroke and I need to get in touch with aunts, uncles, cousins and friends quickly. And as it turns out the whole Facebook thing is much less frustrating after a sabbatical- and I’ve got about 200 less friends so it’s not nearly as noisy.

So, this morning I was making breakfast and Halle walked up to me and said,

“Mom, you’re really good at making breakfast sandwiches so we could call this place Jenny’s or Jen’s.” To which I replied, “But my name isn’t Jenny or Jen.” Then she said, “But I like the name Jezebel!” I was confused and Chloe chimed in with, “But, Halle, Jezebel is the name of a bad guy in the Bible!” And Halle said, “I can like it if I want to!” Followed by running down the hall and calling out in a high-pitched, southern belle accent, “Jezebel…where are you Jezebel?”

And that was it. No more mention of Jezebel. Sometimes I wish I had a map detailing how Halle gets from point a to point b.

On the house front I’m finishing doors and trim. We replaced 7 doors in the house (all of the interior doors minus one) and they all need two coats of paint on each side. It takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to do a coat on each side depending on how badly my hand cramps up and I have one coat on three doors and two coats on one- I’m not doing the math but it’s going to take a while. The trim is actually a piece of cake once the taping is done and Chloe has been taping things up for me. All of the big painting projects are done and after Travis paints the ceiling in two rooms and puts the doorknobs on we’ll only have touch ups and cleaning for pictures on Wednesday!

I have to say that while this is one of the most miserable things I’ve ever done it’s also been really good for us. It feels very similar to when I was preparing to graduate from college. There was a certain number of things I absolutely had to do or I wasn’t graduating- I absolutely had to finish. Finishing is good though. It’s difficult and unpleasant but aside from physically finishing an actual house I think there’s something very symbolic to it too. Finishing a season- a really tough, really long season. Repairing a foundation. Repairing damage. Repairing neglect. God is speaking in this season and He gives strength and peace in the midst of remodeling chaos- or any chaos for that matter.

I am thankful. I am tired. I am ready to finish strong. And I am ready to move.