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Today I’m sitting across a table from a sweet girl that’s wearing a combo of frogs and penguins- it’s a pajama mash up- while slurping coffee from a tablespoon. I’m not sure why she does that. It seems to me that it would be easier to sip from her coffee mug, but I’m not 8 so that’s probably why I don’t get it.

In some ways I’ve been thinking about writing and in others I’ve not been thinking about it at all. I often like for things to be resolved before I write a big “thankful” post so that if something unexpected happens I don’t have to alter things. The trouble is that now that the crisis is over and the dust has settled I have a whole new realm of emotions to deal with. Being human is much more complex than I’d like for it to be.

So, in the super- awesome, God is amazing category- Travis has a job! He’s actually had this job for three weeks but it’s been a contract position while his company has worked on the details of making him a permanent employee.  The company that he’s working for now is a global company, meaning that they have offices all over the world so there’s more to hiring someone full time than there would normally be. That’s why it took so long for him to be made permanent.

I’m completely blown away at the details of how God brought this all about…and I’m going to share some of those with you.

Travis was laid off on Friday, September 13th. I’m not at all superstitious but it’s an easy date to remember.  My first reaction to his lay-off was, “This is GOOD!” It’s a completely strange reaction considering that a lay-off is probably on my top ten list of things that I never, ever want to happen to me. I’m certain though that God was speaking to me in that moment. The very first thing that I wanted to do was to take the house off the market. I couldn’t imagine showing the house and suddenly the prospect of us selling it seemed like a terrible thing. Where would we go? The first thing that Travis wanted to do was pray. I was very proud of him in that moment and for many moments to come.

We did pray. And we did take the house off the market. I called our Realtor and Travis spent the rest of the day calling everyone he knew in the IT field, and even some not in the IT field, that might know of someone with a position for him. His days were filled with phone calls and meetings and that same week he had an impromptu interview. The following Monday he had a phone interview with another company. Which is the same day and hour that our Realtor came to get the locked box off the door. Which made Daisy bark as if someone was trying to break the door down. I thought something like, “Awesome. Daisy just ruined Travis’ interview”.  I wasn’t terribly worried because God had given us such amazing peace and I knew that there was a job for Travis but I want things to go perfectly. A crazy dog barking during an interview isn’t perfect. Blerg.

That second week was a bit more difficult than the first. Travis had talked to everyone he knew by the end of the first week so other than the interview he didn’t really know what to do.  He never retreated to the bedroom to lick his wounds and feel sorry for himself though. He did retreat to the bedroom often to pray.

At the end of all of it there were three possibilities that we were considering. At least we thought there were. At the very end of it there was only one offer on the table. And it was a good one. Better hours, better location, better pay, better benefits, better vacation time- it was all just better than the company he left!

And as it turns out, Daisy ruined nothing. Travis was having a talk with his director, who lives in Pennsylvania, and found out that his manager lives on a farm in the UK. So occasionally he has to put a call on hold to shoo roosters and sheep away from his kids or what have you. I think that was God’s way of reaffirming that I have nothing to fear. Oh, and even though Travis called everyone he knew in the Nashville area it was actually a phone call that my dad made to a friend of his in Atlanta that resulted in a job! Thanks, Dad!

And, in the interest of being real, I am very, very disappointed about the way the house thing has turned out. Emotionally I’m just too tired to put the house on the market and I have kids that are depending on me to educate them. I can’t focus on everything that I truly need to do and have house showings. I realize that we can and probably will put it back on the market in the spring but we worked so hard for this whole year and it’s just really disappointing.  It’s not something that I thought about during the crisis because in crisis moments the things that are most important rise to the top- food, shelter, clothes, etc. So I’m just now in the spot to deal with it- I think I cried about it for the first time a couple of days ago so this is a new emotion.

I am truly thankful that Travis’ job is full time and permanent tomorrow. I’m thankful for the deep, abiding peace that kept us every step of the way. I’m thankful that God always has a plan regardless of what things may look like in a given moment. And, yes, I believe that He has a plan for our house as well. He won’t leave us hanging. His promises are true.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for

and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

If you’re struggling in your faith today you should read all of Hebrews 11. It shares some of the most amazing things about regular people that believed that God would do what he said he would and the incredible promises He brought to pass.