These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of showings and offers and complete craziness. So much so that I had to get out of town. I decided that I’d visit my parents for a few days because 7 showings in 5 days was just too much. My right eye had started twitching and was getting worse and by the time I was on I-65 driving south my left eye started twitching too. I have to say that it’s hard to drive that way.

As it turns out, if I’d just stuck with things around here a few days longer it would have been fine. After the last two showings we didn’t get anymore requests until after we’d accepted an offer. Which means that Daisy didn’t really need to be boarded and the Buttons wouldn’t have caught the sickness that my parents came home from Romania with. Sigh. But I hadn’t seen my parents since Amanda’s wedding and before that it was Christmas and I was able to have a birthday dinner with my dad so it was worth it. I just wish that we weren’t all feeling so crummy because we have *too much* to do.

The contract on our house has an inspection contingency and the inspection is Friday. I’m not too worried because of all the work we put into the house before we even put it on the market. I would honestly be shocked if there was anything major that needed to be repaired because the house is not that big and we went over it with a fine toothed comb beforehand.

Tomorrow is the day that we plan on placing an offer on another home! Like, for real! I don’t want to say too much because this is real estate and stuff happens. The house is brand new and beautiful though, I’ll say that much. It’s also in Spring Hill which is farther south than we live right now. I imagine that people who know me well might be surprised about that but the market in Franklin has gone up in price significantly in the last year and we just aren’t willing to do another fixer-upper or to buy a house that’s too small for us. We can still visit downtown and that kind of thing but in the new house we’ll be about 5 minutes from the interstate which makes it much easier to get to the places we want to go. And we’ll be living in a house that we want to live in. I’m so excited!!! In a calm, keep my distance until it’s for sure kind of way.

I mentioned Amanda’s wedding and I haven’t written about that yet but I want to. Of course, this morning while in the shower I realized that it had been a *long* time since I’d shaved my legs. I have no idea how long but I’m usually on top of that kind of thing. My stress level is starting to decrease to the point that I’m sleeping at night, my eyes are no longer twitching and I’m not having heart flutters. I’m also having somewhat coherent thoughts although when Travis and I are talking I do often drift off into thought about some detail that needs to be worked out. It’s hard for us to get through a conversation right now. I say all that to say that while I intend to be back at my blog, don’t expect a great American novel or anything. Maybe I’ll post pictures though. Later.