I’ve decided that lofty blogging goals are going to be impossible in my current life season. We returned from a much needed vacation last week then our oldest daughter flew in Friday, my parents drove in, our youngest daughters have been sick and were kind enough to pass it on to me, a college friend will be staying with us while she’s in town and we have a conference, church and meetings all weekend. We are sprinting toward the end of the year.

Oh yeah, we homeschool too!

I’m thankful for all of it (well, except the sickness). I’m so happy that our house isn’t just for us. Travis and I really wanted whatever house we bought to be big enough for people and for whatever ministry God called us to. So far we’ve had people stay with us and have had at least one party so I think we’re off to a good start.

In light of all of this and because I want to keep blogging as a hobby, I thought I’d take the house stuff in manageable, bite-sized pieces. Which also means I don’t have to wait until my house is completely clean before I write ๐Ÿ˜€

Today I’m focusing on the fireplace and mantle.

When we were looking for a home I was convinced that only a wood burning fireplace would do. I love the smell and the crackle of the wood burning but I’ve actually become very fond of just flipping a switch to start a fire. We still have a fire pit so I can have a wood fire outside. The benefit to me is that I don’t have to deal with cleaning up ash inside.

I’m not sure that I love the configuration of the TV and the ugly chair needs to go (I’m almost serious about it this time since it’s gotten less comfortable) but that’s how things will stay for now.

I don’t expect the house to be completely personalized for a while. It made me crazy at first to have to live with beige walls… okay it still makes me crazy. I’ve got too much going on though to paint right now. Which is why I chose teal curtains for the living room. A splash of color helps my psyche.

Until next time,