I’m pretty sure that I have finally fully made the mental and emotional transition to our new city and our new house. I went shopping with the girls last night and as I stood next to my car waiting for Halle to get out I realized that everything felt familiar instead of strange and new. I actually really love our new city. It’s tiny for sure but the upside is that I can get anywhere in town within 10 minutes. And since I can get to Target in less than 10 it’s a big win for me.

I mentioned in my last post that we’ve had a lot of overnight guests since we moved in and I joked to Travis that we should start calling our house the Button hotel. Trav’s brother and his girlfriend visited last week and next Monday the Button hotel will be abuzz with Trav’s brother and family, my parents and Amanda and Daniel- 13 people in all.

In our last house, which was less than half the size of this one, we had ten people total for Thanksgiving. We also had less than half the bathrooms that we have now so everybody had to be very considerate to make it work- and everybody was. I remember hearing, “I’m about to shower, does anybody have to use the bathroom?”, being shouted several times a day. I also remember all 10 of us being together in the tiny living room at the same time. We also had dinner seating for 6 at the most so one year the kids ate Thanksgiving dinner out on the patio- thankfully it was a warm Thanksgiving. And last year at Christmas Travis stood up and ate Christmas dinner. He was a good sport about it but it wasn’t ideal.

This year we have an actual dining room! I’d been using it as an office and thought about making it a seating area since we don’t have a bonus room (we have everything else we wanted plus some). Travis works from home at least once a week though and since we also homeschool it’s too noisy for him to work downstairs. We also decided that we really needed to use the dining room for dining. So it was time for a dining room set.

I’ve been an avid Craigslist shopper since we moved into our last house. It was the perfect way to get the furniture I needed with a tiny budget. I’ll admit though that I’d grown weary of taking out the seats in the minivan and moving heavy furniture out of someone’s house and then lugging it into mine. Maybe I’ve gotten lazy. I also didn’t find the perfect combination of function, price and likeability. I did find a vintage set that I loved but it only sat 6 and I wanted a table that would seat at least 8. After Travis and I measured the dining room to see how big of a table we could buy though we determined that we could seat a maximum of 8. So we went shopping!

And found this…


I liked it because it was formal but not too formal, traditional but not too traditional. I think it’s because the backs of the chairs are straight rather than curved. We looked at less formal sets but since the dining room has wainscoting and hardwoods we felt we needed to go with something more formal.

I really like the way it looks in the dining room.


It’s a bit of a bummer that when it was delivered there was a decent gash in the top. Thankfully, without my even asking, American Signature is sending a new one. So far I’m really impressed with their customer service.


I love that we got a buffet at the same time because in addition to being pretty, it also serves as storage for tablecloths and homeschool supplies.

I was also able to accessorize a bit. I knew that I wanted a pop of color in that room (my eyes are kind of tired of blue) and found the picture of poppies on sale at Kirkland’s for $35 but it was another 40% off so I feel like I stole it at $22 (with tax). I got the light gold mercury glass candle holders at Ross for about $6 each and I let the girls pick the candles at $5 each. The lantern was a super-awesome housewarming gift from my aunts. I love it and I’ve wanted one for forever. So, even though we bought a new set I was able to accessorize with bargains.


The room also serves as a place for Chloe to do her school work. In the last house the girls were always fighting over table space which added to my stress level. Now each girl has their own table to work at, it’s such a blessing.


I think I’m ready for Thanksgiving.