I’m going to say this in the most succinct way I know how- moving is hard. I have discovered that every time we make a move to a new place I get sort of numb. Emotionally I feel detached and out of sorts and it takes a while before I can get my footing again. I don’t write during these times because even though I’m normally pretty level headed I can also be really dramatic and feel like the world is going to end (I was a music major after all). Whenever I write during a “Chicken Little” phase I end up wanting to crawl under a rock and hide…or delete my post- either way. I say all that to say that the fog has started to clear and I’m starting to feel more like myself again. Our life here is still really new but I don’t feel like my life is something I’m watching happen from a distance anymore.

In my last post I had a lot of questions that didn’t have answers and I’m happy to say that most of them are answered. We sold our house in Tennessee and while I was relieved to have it over with I wasn’t really happy about selling it. I wasn’t ready to move yet and I was kind of bummed but knowing that we were doing the right thing helped. We also bought a new house and it isn’t pink…it’s froggy green but that’s better than pink to me. Although in a funny turn of events, our oldest daughter and son-in-law bought the most adorable little bungalow in an historic area of Lakeland just two blocks from a lake and downtown and it is most decidedly pink! Pink with green trim to be exact. It looks great and fits in perfectly with it’s historic surroundings but they do plan on painting it at some point. And their moving into their first home is something that I was here for. For the first time in over 5 years I wasn’t sharing this experience via Instagram or text messages, I was here. Or rather, we were here. We all helped them move from their condo to their new house, her little sisters took some cast-off furniture and things for their rooms and helped clean their old place. Travis gave Daniel advice on the mechanics of home ownership and other things that we girls were too busy to pay attention to.

We were also able to go to birthday parties for our nephew and niece and my brother-in-law and hosted a birthday party for Amanda (three of those parties were in one weekend). My parents stayed with us for a week so we could go to Amanda and Daniel’s college graduation (with a BS & MBA respectively). We’ve seen long lost friends and reconnected with family, found a church home and our girls are starting to make friends. And the sobbing that happened every afternoon is starting to subside- moving is really hard on kids.

About a week or so after we closed on our house we bought Disney passes and so interspersed with all of the aforementioned things were Disney trips, lots and lots of Disney trips. I’d gone to Disney parks many times but I’ve never gone this much in a single year. I think it helped me transition from Tennessee to Florida just to be able to have some really fun days. And also I’m nearly an expert on Disney parks now so I have even more things to write about 🙂

Is it what I expected? I’m not completely sure but I think it’s been better. Our house now is not the brand new home with the highly desirable upgrades that our last home was. It’s older and has some nice upgrades but also needs some updating- currently the counter top in our master bathroom is mauve, blech. We think we’ll be in this house for quite a while though so there’s time to update it when were ready. And we have a pool! We had a community pool in our last house and the first summer it was really nice. By the third summer though there were a lot more people living in the neighborhood and the kids seemed to run amok and made a mess of some things so it wasn’t as fun to swim there. I actually spent last summer dreaming of having my own pool, never imagining I’d have one.

In closing, so far our move has been great. There have been some challenges (the aforementioned sobbing) but the Lord has brought us through it. The girls are currently at camp and I’ve seen pictures of the things they’re doing and it looks like they’re having an amazing time. Before we left Tennessee I told Halle that this was an opportunity for her to learn to trust the Lord, that He knew what was best for her and that He had a plan. I think I was telling myself that too. I knew that God is faithful no matter what the outcome but taking those steps of faith can be scary. And I’m happy to say that out of all the moves the Button family has made, this one is the best.